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Direct Rotary Drilling Rigs

KLR DR 1000

Drilling Capacity
Description DR 1000
Drill Hole Size 8'' (203 mm)
Max. Reaming size 17 1/2'' (438 mm)
Drill Rod Diameter 2 7/8'' (73 mm)
Max. Depth 1000 ft (305 mtrs)

Construction Heavy Duty Structural Steel tubes
Hook Load Capacity 13637 Kgf
Raising & Loading Two Hydraulic Cylinders
KLR DR 1000
Drill Head
Type of Drive Hydraulic
Retraction 356 mm

Cat Head
Shaft Mounted on right side of Drill Head

Pull Down
Capacity 3636 Kgf
Drive Hydraulic Cylinder

Draw Works
Hosting Drum & Sand Reel Drum Chain Through Heavy Duty Multi Disc Clutch & Brake System
Type of Drive
No of Brakes Two
Max Pull-Single Line 3180 Kgf

Prime Mover
Input Drive Driven by Truck Engine / Suitable Capacity Deck Engine

Mud Pump
Stroke 152 mm
Bore 140 mm
Flow 915 lpm
Max Pressure 18 bar
Drive Hydraulic

Hydraulic System
Pump Flow 60 lpm
Operation Pressure 70kg/cm2
Pump Type Vane/Gear

Levelling Jacks
Type Hydraulically actuated
Bore Dia. 100 mm
Stroke 610 mm
Quantity 4 Nos.

Break Out Wrench
Actuation Type Hydraulic
Cylinder Stroke 300 mm
Bore Dia. 80 mm

Welding Generator
Max Amp. 300-450 Amp.
Voltage 80 V
Drive Mechanical with V-Belt

KLR Industries Ltd. Can supply products in custom built models in various Configurations, Mounting features to suit all special requirements & Technical specifications can be offered accordingly. (In view of continuous R&D and Product improvement Pro gramme all specifications, features etc., Are subject to amendments without prior notice)
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