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Loader Performance Excavator-Performance
Description Length Units Description Length Units
Bucket Capacity, Earthwork 1.0 cum

Bucket Capacity, Earthwork

0.3 cum

Dump Height

2740 mm

Maximum Dig Depth

4750 mm

Load Over Height

3335 mm

Reach at Ground Level

5910 mm

Pin Height

3610 mm

Maximum Working Height

5585 mm

Reach at Ground

1990 mm

Maximum Load Over Height

4070 mm

Reach at full Height

880 mm

Reach at full Height

2085 mm

Digging Depth with Bucket flat on ground

50 mm

Bucket Rotation

187 Deg

Rollback at Ground

45 mm

Bucket Tearout

4600 Kgf

Dump Angle

45 mm

Dipper Tearout

2825 Kgf

Weight with std. GP Loader Bucket

7000 Kg

Lift Capacity from Pivot at full reach

1800 Kg


1950 Kg  

Bucket Width

2420 mm
General Engine

Overall Length

6170 mm

Model & Make

4R 1040 KOEL

Overall Height

3875 mm

Type (4 Cylinder, water cooled, diesel)

Height to top of Cabin

2900 mm

Power at 2200 rpm

72 Hp.

Wheel Base

2125 mm

Maximum Torque @ 1500 rpm

27.5 Kgm.

Minimum Ground Clearance

355 mm

Fuel Tank fill capacity

70 Litres

Slew Ground Clearance

570 mm

Coolant fill capacity

7 Litres


2375 mm

Engine Lub. Oil fill Capacity

12.5 Litres

Track Front

1800 mm  

Track Rear

1740 mm
Transmission Drive Line
The Transmission is of the Powershuttle type with 4 forward and reverse speeds. The transmission is provided with electrically actuated forward/reverse control. Steering Column mounted shuttle lever enable smooth shifting of gears from forward to reverse using finger tip operations. The Drive line consists of the Engine, Torque ConvertorPowershuttle Gear Box, Axle and connecting Propellor Shaft.

Drive Line Stall Ratio: 2.62:1

Oil fill Capacity

14 Litres Engine

Model & Make

4R 1040 KOEL

I Gear

5.6 Kmph

Type (4 Cylinder, water cooled, diesel)

II Gear

0.9 1 Kmph

Power at 2200 rpm

72 Hp

III Gear

21.9 Kmph

Maximum Torque @ 1500 rpm

27.5 Kgm

IV Gear

32.4 Kmph

Fuel Tank fill capacity

70 Litres

Coolant fill capacity

7 Litres

Main Pump flow @ 2200 rpm

104 Lpm

Engine Lub. Oil fill Capacity

12.5 Litres

Auxiliary Pump @ 2200 rpm

44 Lpm Rear Axle

Working Pressure, Loader attachment

Bar 180 The heavy duty rigid rear axle is of outbard planetary type with built-in multi disc brakes for compact mounting & extended service life.

Working Pressure, BackHoe attachment

Bar 210

Hydraulic system fill capacity

110 Litres Front Axle

Filtration Nominal

10 Microns

The Steerable Front axle is provided generous bearing for rough terrain. The Kind Pin inclination gives directional Stability, Maximum axle oscillation angle is 90per side.


The Spacious ROPS cabin is surrounded on all sides by weather proof toughened glass for excellent visibility. The Cushioned seat with shock absorbing springs can be swung through 1800with an automatic lock for Backhoe operation. Hydraulic Joysticks are provided for Backhoe operation. Wind shield wipers on both front and rear assist good visibility in poor weather and working conditions.

The two-piece Control Panels are logically placed for greater effectiveness in driving and working positions.

Engine oil pressure, water temperature, rpm and hour meter, Ammeter and fuel level gauges are provided on the side control panel.

All driving control switches and lamps are ergonomically placed on the steering column. The loader control levers are on the right side of the operator for ease of control.

Service Brakes

The Multi disc oil immersed Service Brakes provide effective braking and long disc life.

The Service Brake are actuated by two non-boosted. Foot operated master cylinder with single-wheel braking option.

Parking Brake

The hand operated Parking brake actuated the main multi disc brakes inside the axle.


The Hydrostatic Steering system consists of field proven steering unit & safety valves and dedicated pump. The steering circuit is equipped for Emergency Steering.

Tyres Lights

Front 9.00x16.00x16 Ply Rating

Rear 16.90x26.80x12 Ply Rating

Halogen working lights are provided on both front and rear. Driving head lights, direction indicators, parking lamps and brake lamps are provided and per standards and road transport regulations.

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