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KLR Cluster Hammer

KLR Cluster Hammer
KLR Cluster Hammer (HIPPO) is manufactured to international specifications, from only the best quality Alloy Steel, machined to high precision and supreme standards. The product is heat- treated in the most modern, fully process controlled, in house facility. The Tungstan carbide Buttons which are used to obtained from leading and reputed indigenous and foreign manufactures.
KLR Cluster Hammer is a quality product, that conform to international standards and strict quality control methods.
KLR products are constantly improved with adaptation of the most recent manufacturing technologies and the product features always ensure,

HIPPO Specifications

HIPPO Hammer Specifications – For Imperial Conversion

Model Out side
Combined Hammer Combined Bit Connection Hole size Standard Range Length Weight Air Consumption CFM
(200PSI- 250PSI)
mm Tri Circle mm mm Kg
HIPPO 17" 397 4" Digger Hammer 4T 1C API Threading 430-439 1850 800 1500-1800
HIPPO 20" 485 5" Digger Hammer 4T IC API Threading 508-515 1850 950 1600-1900
HIPPO 22" 520 6" Digger Hammer 4T IC API Threading 558-568 1850 1050 1800-2000
HIPPO 24" 565 6" Digger Hammer 4T IC API Threading 609-619 1950 1130 2200-2400

In view of continuous R&D and Product Improvement programme all specifications, features etc., are subject to amendments without prior notice.
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